Dear Parents and Guardians in the Nursery and Kindergarten Classes:

We realize that many working parents rely on the routine of our daily program and understand that days when school is closed can create a significant burden. With that in mind, I am writing to inform you that Monday, March 10 will be a regular day of school for the Nursery and Kindergarten classes. Additionally, all Afternoon Care programs for the Nursery and Kindergarten classes will take place as usual. However, because the lower school and high school are closed for parent-teacher conferences, bussing is not available and parents must arrange for transportation for their Nursery or Kindergarten children who attend school on that day. While we are taking this step as an accommodation to parents who rely on our programs, please know that attendance is not mandatory.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Janet Kane
Early Childhood Chair
The Waldorf School of Garden City
225 Cambridge Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530
Tel: (516) 742-3434
Fax: (516) 742-3457

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