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Winkler Center Workshop: The Digital Dilemma

Date: Saturday - April 05, 2014
Time: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Location: Bonner Hall

The Winkler Center for Adult Learning is an independent organization that offers seminars, lectures, arts workshops and Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy to foster a deeper understanding of the human being and the deeper meanings of human existence. For more information about the Winkler Center for Adult Learning, visit

An issue confronting every modern person is how to adjust and keep a balance in one’s personal and work life in the midst of a fast running river of technological developments. Clearly, this is a signature of our times and cannot be regarded as inconsequential or “business as usual.” Parents, teachers, businesses, politicians all must deal with the challenges presented by the new forms of communication and the effects on our emotional and mental health, on our children, on the students we teach, and those with whom we work.

An ongoing attention to these challenges, both in the positive and negative aspects, is the focus of the Winkler Center’s annual conference, both from an assessment of the situation and through efforts to discover ways to remediate the strains, as well as leverage the positive aspects of technology. We are approaching this year’s gathering with the help of a master storyteller, an educator and broad community participation. We feature Lowell Monke’s opening keynote together with a day of workshops with Nancy Mellon, using our fundamental human capacity of speaking through storytelling and discussion. By addressing the whole human being we hope to find the key to solving the digital dilemma.

Lowell Monke, an educator and author, will address the dilemma from his vantage point of a college professor and an author. His experience as a leader of introducing technology to the Des Moines school districts has given him a rare perspective. His conscientious attention in a long term study in the same districts has led him to an in depth assessment of the implications and effects of technologies on learning, social development and teacher expertise. As an author he has explored the wide ranging effects of technology on school children, teachers and the learning environment. His work provides common sense and effective ways to create a path in balance between extremes.

Nancy Mellon, international storyteller, author and psychotherapist, also addresses these issues, not only as an artist, but as a healer of the human psyche. She translates her therapies into practical ways of working with storytelling as a major point of entry into the human heart, a method that strengthens the inner life and help to create balance with a strident outer world. Her books explore the wisdom inherent in the human body and soul, her teaching gives us the key to finding this wisdom. She leads participants into the world of imagination in an objective and accessible way that solves problems, and gives new perspectives on life’s challenges and creates confidence in one’s capacities to cope. Whether the stories are for adults learning to tell stories to their children, or businessmen working with creativity or interpersonal problems, Nancy’s work is a magic key to success.

General Admission: $35.00 in advance or $45 at the door. Students and Senior Citizens: $25.00

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