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Date: Friday - September 28, 2012
Time: All Day

Due to the forecast of inclement weather, the Michaelmas pageant and day-long celebration has been postponed to Monday, October 1st.

On Monday, October 1st, the Michaelmas pageant will take place at 10:15 am. The pageant depicts the battle between St. George (played by a 12th grader) and the dragon (played by our 6th graders). Sent to rid the dreadful dragon who is the cause of the maiden's sorrow for laying waste to the land of her parents, the king and the queen, St. George (along with the help of our 2nd graders) tames the dragon and goes forth to wed the maiden (played by another 12th grade student). Immediately following the pageant, the 6th grade will depart for Camp Glen Brook.

After the pageant, all grades (except grade 6 who will be on the road to Camp Glen Brook) will combine classes for a variety of artistic activities. Students will form small groups that mix many grades together and partake in some of the following activities: tissue paper window designs, kite making, origami, chalk drawings, and sand dragons. Through the artistic process, we will aim to work together to transform the “dragon” within us and nourish our community with beauty, creativity, and self-expression.

Students will receive a wholesome lunch including a sandwich, an apple and a chocolate chip cookie and will spend the afternoon on the grounds, participating in engaging activities. We will close the day with a brief celebration, involving cider, song and thank you's.

All students should bring clearly labeled reusable water bottles.

Thank you!

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