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Michaelmas Pageant
and Celebration

Date: Friday - September 27, 2013
Time: All Day

On Friday, September 27th, our school will celebrate its annual Michaelmas Pageant. To provide you with some background information about this event, I'd like to share the following with you.

Michaelmas is one of the many festivals celebrated at the Waldorf School of Garden City. The celebration aims to celebrate what is truly human, our process of self-development. The Michaelic archetype is of overcoming or transforming evil through intelligence, courage and strength. This archetype has appeared in the mythology of many cultures for centuries. Ancient Indian writing describes Indra. The Bhagavad-Gita speaks of Mithra. The ancient Babylonians tell of Marduk who slew Tiamat the dragon and created heaven and earth from his body. These are a few of many examples.

Our world today is full of "dragons." One of them is materialism - the reducing of everything to what is tangible, measurable and observable, and seeing the human being merely as a physical body. Michaelmas reminds us that we also have a spiritual nature - our human spirit that is striving toward the future.

The festival of Michaelmas looks ahead to the future, celebrating and encouraging human transformation as we strive toward our full human potential.

Once again the school plans an extended celebration of this festival. After the dramatic pageant between the royal family, rescuers, dragon and St. George takes place outside, we will go back to classes for the morning lessons. In the afternoon, students will form small groups that mix many grades together and partake in one in the trimming and beautification of our grounds. Each activity will have an artistic closing. Through this artistic process we will aim to work together to transform the "dragon" within us and nourish our community with beauty, creativity and self-expression. The day will close with a celebration and song in the courtyard, after all groups had a chance to admire the work we did.

Finally, click here to read about and see photos from last year's Michaelmas celebration.

Thank you!

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