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Nursery and Kindergarten Winter Garden

Date: Sunday - December 08, 2013
Time: All Day
Location: Bonner Hall

At this time of year, as the outer darkness of winter approaches, there are many cultural and religious festivals of light. Each December, we join other Waldorf schools in creating such a seasonal festival called the Winter Garden. In this garden, each child is invited to walk with an unlit candle along an inward spiraling garden path, which leads to a lighted candle in the center of the garden. After lighting his or her candle, the child walks out of the garden along an outward spiraling path and places the lit candle along the way. As each child adds a candle to the path it becomes an ever-growing lighted walkway. For both the children and the adults who are present, the Winter Garden is an oasis of quiet and wonder.

For more information, please contact your child's teacher.

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