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Middle and High School Orchestra & ECO-Orchestra Performance

Date: Thursday - December 12, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Bonner Hall

Violinists should leave their violins in their classrooms and cellists should leave their cellos in the orchestra room after the daytime rehearsals so the music teachers and I can tune them and have them ready for the performance. Students in Orchestra should arrive by 6:00 PM in order to take care of any last minute details and get ready for the performance. All students should wear assembly-appropriate clothes for the Winter Concert. The young ladies who play the cello need to take extra care to dress in an appropriate manner. Cellists should bring their home instruments as well as a rock-stop, rug, or strap to hold the end-pin in place. Each student is responsible for bringing his/her music. Please remember that attendance is required and counts towards the final evaluation. For more information, please contact Dr. Dale Stuckenbruck.

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