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Please note: the cafeteria lunch menu is subject to change. In addition to the following, an extensive salad bar is available every day. Click here to access the Dietary Needs Form.

Indian chicken, rice and pasta

Date: Wednesday - January 30, 2013
Time: All Day

Waldorf parent Neerja Baijal made her signature “Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk” for the Fall Fair's Country Kitchen one year. The dish was so popular it sold out in about an hour. Said Ms. Baijal, “Aviva Gill (Waldorf’s cafeteria manager) asked me if we could do it again!” On Wednesday, January 16th, students at the Waldorf School of Garden City will once again have an opportunity to enjoy this unique Indian fusion lunch dish from North India and Goa. (Important note: vegetable curry for vegan students will also be available.)

Ginger, garlic, onions and diced mango powder make up the “secret spices.” “Aloo Tikki” will be a side dish served with cilantro and mint dip. “Tikki” (a Persian, Hindi and Urdu word for “bits” or “pieces”) of boiled mashed potatoes mixed with garden variety vegetables provide for plenty of color. “The dish is vegan-friendly because it does not contain any eggs or dairy,” said Ms. Baijal. “And we make green chutney with cilantro, mint and cumin – along with a few hot green peppers – to give the dish a bit of a kick!”

In her hometown of New Delhi, Ms. Baijal remembers many street vendors selling the popular dish to students as they walked home from school.

“I’m delighted we are able to collaborate with Neerja and her mom Usha in order to make this very special meal for our students,” said Ms. Gill.

The cafeteria at the Waldorf School of Garden City is known for making daily, all-natural meals from scratch, with ingredients provided by local farmers and producers. For more information about the School’s Cafeteria, click here or contact Cafeteria Manager Aviva Gill at (516) 742-3434 ext. 126.

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