Introducing Govinda

My name’s Govinda Farkas, a culturally ambiguous name that is fitting of the mixing pot that is New York. To answer the foremost question that you probably have, no I’m not Indian and neither are my parents. I’m currently in my sophomore year of high school and loving every overly dramatic moment. I’ve only been at the Waldorf School for a year but I think that I have acclimated decently.

I’m from the rough and tumble streets of Long Island New York, where the bagels are bossed and our beaches are long. I’ve lived on Long Island my whole life so I do view it as home, even if I rarely express any sort of patriotism towards Long Island’s illustrious list of accomplishments. I have however traveled around America a fair bit, mostly to Florida and Vermont for different reasons each time. I also traveled to India with my father for a month once when I was 13.

I came to Waldorf because it was always my parent’s dream to send one of their children to a Waldorf school. Waldorf has a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than other schools, partially due to how small class sizes tend to be. This becomes even more prominent when the class separates into various subject choices and electives. I’ve always had something of an affinity for English along with something of a theatrical flair for, well theatrics. That being said, philosophy and general deep thinking have always been rather prominent on my mind, so much so, that I often seem lonely or depressed when I’m really just thinking about some idea or theory that I find interesting.

Waldorf gave my general thoughts about philosophy some focus when I joined forum, a sort of club/elective where a bunch of older students and I, along with Mr. Katzman would meet and talk about various theories and ideas relating to several different aspects of life. If you’re planning to go to the Waldorf School I’d suggest having a very open mind and just seeing where it takes you. The possibilities are many, and in the end it is always good to expand your mind. I appreciate that aspect of my education the most.



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