Introducing Jiayi Chen

Hello! My name is Jiayi. I am from China. I was born in Tiantai county which is a beautiful place with mountains. But I grew up in Shanghai. Because of my mother’s job , I have attended many different schools. Finally I chose Waldorf.

1.What makes the Waldorf School different from other schools I have attended?

There are many interesting electives such as Art, Fashion, Model UN, ECO-Orchestra, Introduction to Mandarin and Instrumental Chamber Ensemble. I chose the Art and Fashion Electives. At the beginning of the first class, I was afraid because I had never drawn anything before. The teachers here are really kind and they helped me to learn more about Art (woodworking, fiber and fine arts).

In addition, I am able to learn other languages at Waldorf. I can choose French, German or Spanish. Because I am a Chinese Student, my English is not very good. So our school offers the E.S.L. class for me. It helps me a lot.

2.My favorite things about Waldorf?

Camp Glen Brook! It’s really interesting. We climbed the White Mountains with our own team. We watched stars and heard stories at night. The views and sunrise were very beautiful. After meals we did housework by ourselves. We played poker, football and basketball together. We also played the instruments there such as; the drums, the piano and guitars. The hiking is really fun.

3. Advice for someone to consider when going abroad or wanting to go to the Waldorf School.

Choosing a good school is very important for your future. Plenty of people desire to go to the top high schools. I think that finding a school which can help you develop into a free, morally responsible and integrated individual is better. Waldorf is the school that I recommend. For going abroad, you have to take the TOEFL/Test of English as a Foreign Language. You also need to provide your academic transcript and a resume with a recommendation letter. The medical certificate which is made out by regular hospitals is also very important. In addition, you need to express yourself creatively in the interview and I trust you will successfully attend the Waldorf School.



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