Our three kindergarten classrooms and the surrounding outdoor space are filled with movement and sound. The vital pace of interchange runs as a current through the air. Children are playing, and through play, children are learning about themselves, each other, and their environment. They are making meaning. 

There is a strong focus on imaginative play. Our play things are made of natural materials and are, for the most part, open ended so the child may use them in many different ways. Their wooden kitchen is stocked with dry beans, acorn caps, wooden coins, and many other treasures that get used in many creative ways all over the classrooms.

Teachers are firm in the belief that children at play are meaningfully involved in aspects of social, emotional, and cognitive development—a core piece of learning. As children strive to create play themes and then propel the play forward, they actively engage with one another, using language and action to express ideas  and feelings related to their own unfolding understanding of themselves in the world as well as discovering and navigating other children’s perspectives.



Serving ages 4 - 6


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