Human Society, Political and Economic Systems

Our emphasis is on helping children become aware of the range of society’s implicit rules. Our classrooms are models of inclusiveness, reinforcing the openness that children this age come to school with. Kindergarten children engage in discussions about rules and fair play. Although still focused primarily on self, students learn to consider the interest of all in certain circumstances. They may experience many conflicts as they go about distinguishing their rights from those of others around them. The simple recognition that others have rights is a significant part of the socialization process.


Global Interdependence

Our students are provided with many opportunities to identify meaningful roles for themselves through a variety of personal interactions. They are “helpers” and see themselves and what they do as important to others---thereby enabling them to notice and appreciate how what others do affects them and sowing the seeds for growing awareness of political, economic and environmental systems.








Serving ages 4 - 6


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