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Welcome to the Gardening Blog! My name is Jeannine Davis and I am the horticulture and gardening teacher at the Waldorf School of Garden City. You can also email me at Thank you!


The eighth grade is finishing up their farming block at Crossroads Farm in Malverne. We had a chance to study invasive pests, honeybees, basic organic farming and chickens. The 6th and 7th grade started preserving, canning and fermentation. We made pickles and strawberry preserves. Yum! In other news, I just returned from the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey 2013 Winter Conference. The keynote speaker was Elliot Coleman, who is always "on-the-cutting-edge" of farming all year round! Hoophouses and techniques like biointensive farming (planting closer together to utilize your space) were some of the highlights.

Posted by Robert Ingenito on Thursday February, 7, 2013 at 09:07AM

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