Fall Fair and Alumni Day 2013

Alumni RSVP List as of 10/17/2013

Don't see your name here? Alumni and their families are encouraged to join us for the Fall Fair and Alumni Day. So we have an accurate headcount, please complete the RSVP form on the bottom of this page. Thank you!

NameGraduating YearAlumni Sing-AlongAlumna Soccer GameAlumni Odd's vs. Even's
Soccer Game
Jennifer (Zarao) Abraham1983   
Martin Adams2010   
ChuChu Anagbogu2012  Yes - Even Team
Stephen Aprea1983   
Grant Butler1985  Yes - Odd Team
Daniel Bernstein1983   
Margaret Bernstein1980   
Leo Bruno2007  Yes - Odd Team
Tarik Carney2002  Yes - Even Team
Lisa Ciaccio2011   
Ali Coffey1983   
Jason Cohen2010   
Larry Easa1983   
Nancy (Boone) Eiseman1983   
Donald Daly1983   
Tom Davies2003  Yes - Odd Team
Dylan DeJongh2008   
Jessica (Diamond) Nunes1983   
Alexander Divack2007  Yes - Even Team
Anne Flomenhaft2013 Yes 
Charlie Foster2000  Yes - Even Team
Isabella Fraim2013 Yes 
Meagan Gallagher2009 Yes 
Tom Gilbert1976  Yes - Even Team
Christianna Giordano2006   
Enzio Goble2005   
Lauren Gray2012 Yes 
Emily Butler Grochocinski1983   
Penelope (Herdt) Grover1971Yes
Rob Haedrich1978  Yes - Even Team
Melinda Haley1999   
Peter Hanke1993   
David Hairston1992Yes  
Chris Head1983   
Nicole (Simmons) Henry1983   
Jared Hescheles2012  Yes - Even Team
Robert Ingenito1997Yes Yes
Mathew Jacobson1983   
Chris Jurak1987Yes Yes - Odd Team
Kieran Kerekes2007Yes
 Yes - Odd Team
India Rose Kushner2008   
Jeanenne La Bella2003   
Bob Levin1990  Yes - Even Team
Cris Longoria2011  Yes - Odd Team
Abby Lyons2010 Yes 
Bobby (Costello) Lyons
Catherine (Sherry) Mariakakis1983   
David Miller1983   
Spencer Neyland1983   
Max Novick2013  Yes - Even Team
Chris Ogunfowora2013  Yes - Even Team
John Petrusky1983   
Sean Proctor2011  Yes - Odd Team
David Resnick1979  Yes - Odd Team 
Rebecca Rose1973   
Meg Ross2002  Yes 
Alex Sapuppo2011   
Kristin Seivert2007  Yes - Odd Team
Ed Silva1981   Yes - Odd Team
Carolyn Smalls2013 Yes 
Erin Stuckenbruck2012 Yes 
Annabella Sugrue2011  Yes 
Emma Sydenham
Tara Talmadge1984Yes  
Costa Trikas2011  Yes - Odd Team
Sophia Trikas
2013 Yes 
Alexandra Van Zant
2013 Yes
Paula Prattas Vasakiris1983   
Tom Walsh2000  Yes - Even Team
Matthew Wasserman
2012  Yes - Even Team
Gregory Weiss
2013  Yes - Even Team
Scott A. Williams
Caleb Yuan
   Yes - Even Team
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