Renting Space

The Waldorf School of Garden City is centrally located in Nassau County on Long Island. Several spaces are available for rent when school is not in session. Our facilities are available for long or short term rental, and include:

Performances spaces
Cafeteria & Kitchen
Athletic Fields

For more information, contact: Kathy Bossuk at

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Rental Fees

Schedule of Fees

Contact Kathy Bossuk at for current rates.

Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance & Endorsement:

For the term of the Rental Agreement, the licensee must provide to the Waldorf School, A Certificate of Insurance and a corresponding endorsement, which evidences Worker’s Compensation Insurance in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, and Commercial General Liability with limits no less than $2,000,000 aggregate and $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily and property damage and participant liability. The Certificate of Insurance and endorsement for general liability policies must name the school as an additional insured and state that the Licensee’s insurance is “primary” to the School’s.

This Certificate of Insurance and endorsement must be provided no less than ten days before the Licensee’s event begins to: Director of Finance, Waldorf School of Garden City, 225 Cambridge Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530, or email:

The Certificate of Insurance must provide 30 days’ notice of any material change or cancellation. Any words limiting notice “to best efforts, endeavor to advise, not responsible to notify, etc.,” will result in certificate being rejected. Please review specific wording as shown previously.

Notice to Renters

In order to maintain a safe and secure environment within the building and on the grounds of The Waldorf School of Garden City, all renters and renting organizations must require that their event participants comply with the Rules, Regulations and Responsibilities for our school as outlined below. Please read each of these requirements carefully and share them with your group as you deem appropriate.

  • All Renters must schedule a meeting with a school official to review the School’s emergency procedures, prior to the day of your event.

Basic Security Procedures:

  1. Prior to using the building, please identify the outer entrances and inner rooms and restrooms that will be used.
  2. Know the location of first aid kits and defibrillators, fire extinguishers and nearest hospital.
  3. As all doors to the school must remain locked, please designate a member of your group to monitor and open doors for your participants.
  4. Make sure all potential and designated fire exits (windows and doors) are kept clear.
  5. Please make sure your group stays in the areas that you have arranged to use.
  6. Be courteous and make others using the building during your scheduled time aware of your departure time, who is securing the area and decide who will lock-up any shared spaces.
  • All Renters must be responsible for the security of participants and the school during the event. Please provide an individual who will be responsible for monitoring all persons entering and exiting the building during and its related set-up and clean-up, including the securing of all entrances used by the group before leaving the premises. Doors must never be propped open. We strongly recommend that two people be responsible for evening security by completing the lock-up procedures and walking to their cars together.

  • All Renters must park only in designated parking spaces. Vehicles may not be parked on the grass or in the handicapped parking spaces (delineated in blue) without the appropriate permit.

  • All Renters must adhere to the campus-wide smoking ban, in the building and on the grounds. Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited.

  • All Renters must respect School property. Be sure any equipment used is returned to its proper place. All windows must be closed and all lights turned off upon leaving.

  •  All Renters must use the recycling and garbage bins and deposit trash accordingly. All areas of the School used must be left in a clean condition.

  • All Renters must obey all traffic signs located throughout the property.

Special Certifications

  • Renters sponsoring athletic events must have at least one designated person who carries a current CPR and AED certificate. Evidence of certification must be provided with your completed lease agreement.
  • Renters who access the kitchen must have at least one person who carries a current Food Handler certificate and one person with current training in the Heimlich maneuver. Evidence of certification must be provided with your completed lease agreement.


We want students to meet exciting people, try something different, discover something about themselves, and see the world from a new perspective; put simply we want students to learn.


There is an inviting atmosphere throughout our school created by happy children, engaged families, and dedicated teachers. As a parent—the opportunity to self-select your child’s peer group, one which is aligned with your family’s values and outlook on the world, is amongst the most important educational decisions you can make.


We provide unparalleled opportunities for children, by immersing them in our working farm, outdoor adventures and a community of adults who respect the natural world.


We take the best of classical education and make it relevant by intertwining the arts with academics, resulting in a synergistic experience that creates deeper meaning. No other form of education provides for an academic experience this enriching, authentic and joyful.


We provide opportunities for children to be challenged while creating an environment that allows them to be healthy, satisfied, and productive community members.


Our school includes a 200-acre farm campus, organic gardens, and a community that values well-balanced children.

A Classical Liberal Arts Education Serving Grades N-12

225 Cambridge Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530


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