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The Lower School at the Waldorf School of Garden City aims to foster the development of imagination, creativity, individuality, and freedom, precious qualities that are vital to childhood development and beyond. The rhythm of the day and the pace of learning throughout the elementary school years support the child's growth. Each day begins with the main lesson, an extended period taught by the Class Teacher that includes rhythmical activity or movement to stimulate and prepare the child for the concentrated work that follows.

Special subject classes follow the main lesson, supporting the students' developing skills. In science, for instance, first-grade students recite poems, sing songs and move to verses that express reverence for the earth and the sun.  By the third grade, they are digging in to the earth, planting and caring for their gardens.  They move on to botany in fifth grade, nutrition in seventh grade, and in high school, cellular experiments and research on genetic structures. Students learn foreign languages through games, songs, poems, and simple conversations. Fine motor skills are developed through knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and playing the recorder. Social skills are fostered through physical education, eurythmy, and games.


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