Early Childhood


Children ages 3 - 4 years old

The Waldorf School of Garden City’s Nursery provides a safe and beautiful home-like experience for children, led by qualified and experienced Waldorf teachers and assistants.

Play as a Foundation for Healthy Development

  • Preschool children learn primarily through play and imitation in the Waldorf School of Garden City’s Nursery program.
  • Child–initiated play lays the foundation for healthy growth and learning in a range of areas, from gross and fine motor skills to the development of imagination and creativity. Your child’s academic work in the years ahead will build on the base created in these early years.
  • Storytelling, songs and verses help children develop the capacity to listen, focus, and create their own visual images. Future reading comprehension and creative thinking will draw strongly on this capacity.
  • Your child’s linguistic development is enhanced by the rich language of stories, songs, and verses.
  • Storytelling draws on the everyday experiences of the young child’s life - home, family, and nature. Stories also spawn the early make-believe play that grows into full imagination with the capacity to form inner pictures.

Development of imagination is a cornerstone of flexible thinking and creative problem solving: hallmarks of a Waldorf education.



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