The Nursery class is designed with very consistent daily and weekly rhythms to support and guide your child’s explorations of their new environment.  Rhythm provides the security of predictability and supports healthy physical development.

The day is structured to alternate between active and quiet activities. Free play might be followed by a quiet activity such as listening to a story and then time to explore in the garden. This supports the children in digesting each activity and makes them more receptive to our rich curriculum.

Sample activities:

  • free play-time indoors
  • watercolor painting and drawing with beeswax crayons
  • circle time with nursery rhymes, songs and movement games
  • storytelling
  • a nutritious and organic snack prepared daily, shared by children and teachers
  • outdoor play each day in the nursery playground


Our teachers are highly trained early childhood experts.   In the classrooms, teachers join in the children’s play, as needed, to help build houses, bridges and tunnels and to model appropriate social interaction.  As the children develop over the year they begin to initiate play and are less dependent on teachers’ involvement. Hands-on work by the teachers (bread baking, soup making, cleaning and gardening) lends itself to imitation, the young child's first cognitive exploration of the world. Children model these activities and the way in which they are carried out.


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