Language Arts 

Much of the Language Arts work follows the same rhythm as first grade with storytelling, picture drawing, and composition writing. Stories of saintly people and animal fables serve as the vehicle for skill development in reading, writing, spelling, speaking, and penmanship. Each story is accompanied by colorful illustrations of events or characters in the stories. The work is continued with a desire to refine handwriting skills and develop new consciousness of sentence structure, summarizing, and finding main themes in the stories. In picture-making, students continue to think about the elements of a picture and how to best tell the story. Color usage, composition, and proportions are main topics of the curriculum.


In second grade students focus mainly on the upper and lower case letters. The children have the opportunity to write in practice books as well as in their main lesson books. The students are given “liners” to support careful formation of their letters. In time they will write beautifully in their books without the support of the liner.

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