The third grade eurythmy curriculum focuses on imbuing students with a capacity for group work and social grace. Musical pieces are selected from the Baroque and Classical periods, with careful attention to mood as it shifts between the major and minor keys, and the loud and soft tones. Children also begin to practice more complicated spatial formswithin the circle including spirals, triangles and squares. Common themes are inspired from main lesson topics such as the Old Testament and Farming and Gardening.

Physical Education

Third graders participate in a variety of games and activities including Caterpillar ball, a spinoff of Kickball, an obstacle challenge that incorporates cartwheels, rolls, and trampolines. Students also learn Native American games such as Dragons, Sky wolves, and Indian Hunter. As children are encouraged to make up their own games or request favorites as they go, practices have included Blizzard, Count the Catches, and Newcomb, as well as traditional favorites such as whiffle ball and sack races.

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