Language Arts

The fourth grade language arts classes reflect the philosophy that only through constant reading can students develop an intuitive sense for grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and style. Students complete weekly reading exercises in one of three or four reading groups separated based on level, each led by a language arts. From adventure tales to short stories, students are encouraged to read to their interests. Classwork ranges from quiet reading hours, recitation exercises, compositions, and discussions. 

Norse Mythology

Students read and write summaries for seminal works in Norse Mythology. In order to accomplish this goal, students review grammar, including sentence structure and punctuation, and practice editing. 

Local Geography

Fourth graders start to develop a greater consciousness for their local community in their Local Geography class. This unit first aims to improve spatial consciousness by first creating floor plans of their homes and their school and then constructing a map of their route to school and later, the entirety of Long Island, including its geographic land formations. Students then study the history of Long Island, ranging back to the time period before the European settlement.  

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