Language Arts

The fifth grade language arts core curriculum includes daily reading assignments to expand the student’s active and passive vocabulary, refine reading comprehension skills, and improve oral summaries.Class reading list includes The Golden Goblet, GilgameshThe Golden Fleece by Padraic Colum, and My Side Of the Mountain. Certain classes are dedicated to poetry sessions, where students read and write haikus and sonnets about topics such as the seasons. Students also receive a thorough review of grammar, kickstarting their experience in more sophisticated writing.

Ancient Egypt

Fifth graders begin their study of ancient Egypt by analyzing this civilization in relation to its geographical location on the Nile. From there they progress to topics of ancient Egyptian culture such as the gods, belief systems, myths and main temples, paintings, sculptures, and hieroglyphs. Aspects of everyday life, such as food and occupations are also explored. Students build clay models of common structures and write their own stories and compositions inspired by their studies.  

Ancient Greece

Lessons on ancient Greece focus on Greek history and mythology. Students follow the development of the civilization from nomadic tribes to clans to kingdom. The structure and inner-workings of city-states are deconstructed, and dichotomies between city-states such as Sparta and Athens, Lycurgus and Solon are established. Students learn aspects of Green culture including poems, drawings, watercolor paintins, songs, and impromptu dramatic presentations, as well as the Greek alphabet. They also hear the stories of Philip of Macedonia and his son Alexander, philosophers Plato and Socrates, and the heroes Hercules and Odysseus. Students also explore the idea of Greece as the cradle of democracy,


The goal of the Virtues Project is to foster a more responsive classroom climate and to build communication skills. The students listen, read and respond to the different qualities within the virtues of responsibility, orderliness, compassion, unity, cooperation, forgiveness, honor, peacefulness, consideration and empathy.


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