Fifth graders expand their knowledge of eurythmy through work with spatial and rhythmical elements in speech an music. Awareness of orientation in space, social connection, presence of mind, and self control is stimulated through work with geometrical forms, musical phrasing, dexterity, and rhythm exercises. Accompanying verses and music are selected in conjunction to themes from main lessons.


Physical Education

Classes are designed to foster group cooperation and listening skills. Activities include Chariot Ride, a game where the class lifts one rider into the air supported on a small tire (the chariot) lifted by ropes.Students move on to play field games such as Capture the Flag, European handball, soccer, football, and basketball. With the arrival of spring comes time to train for the annual fifth grade Greek Olympics.The five field events comprise of running, Greek wrestling, long jump, javelin, and discus, each demanding poise and control. Each student looks forward to proudly exhibiting their skills at the Olympics, a day of intense games and cheerful comraderie.


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