Class Play

Each year, sixth graders work together to put on a class play. In addition to acting, the students are in charge of all aspects of production, including set design, props, costumes, music, and lighting, with assistance from teachers and parents. Recent productions have included A Roman Comedy and Lover's Knot by Robert Trostli.


Students practice sight reading and intonation. The sixth grade orchestra plays a few pieces for the Spring Concert each year. Past selections include "Elegy" and "Fiddles on Fire."


This course teaches line dances and group dances of eight people in circular and rectangular formations. These exercises reinforce coordination and cooperation, as children practice stepping in timie to the music and following the caller at all time.  


Music lessons focus mainly on two instruments: the voice and the recorder. To further good vocal habits, students learn to support musical phrases with appropriate breathing and clear pronunciation for a full and pleasant choral sound. As usual, students add rhythm to their rhyme by adding body percussion and movement to their exercises, a challenge that teaches them sustained concentration and effort. A short percussion unit brings students to the Carribeans through the tune of Soma Market. Additionally, students also study medieval music, deconstructing pieces dating from 12th to 14th century England, Spain and France. These songs and dances come to life as the students sing, play, and embellish the tunes with recorders, harps, and percussion instruments. 


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