Physical Education

Students build strength and cardiovascular fitness through team sports such as volleyball, team handball, softball, and baseball. Students always follow safe playing techniques and the rules of sportsmanship during practices and games.


Eurythmy classes aim to actively engage students and establish a balance between motor skills, concentration, social awareness and self control. Lessons offer challenging coordination exercises, some with copper rods, dramatic and/or comical poetry. Mental imaging before actual movements and versatile geometrical forms are essential substitutes for the traditional teaching tools of pencil and paper. Students also cooperate in groups to choreograph eurythmy movements to a poem.

Integrated Movement

This playful unit allows children to develop dexterity with juggling props, scarves, balls, rings, Chinese yo-yo’s, devil sticks, and stilts. Gymnastics is also incorporated through tumbling and acrobatics with the mini trampoline and leap frogs. Strength and alignment are emphasized through handstands. The skills developed in this unit are adapted into a scene for the Class Play.


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