Freshman Studies

In their induction year into the High School, students learn to work as a team by hiking Mt. Monadnock and doing trust exercises on our Orientation Trip at Camp Glen Brook in New Hampshire. Freshmen take a combination of block and daily courses in which they work in collaborative groups that develop each individual’s ability to listen, to adapt, and to incorporate others’ ideas.   Each month students present a complete portfolio of notes, diagrams, charts, maps, and illustrations as a culmination to each of their nine “main lesson” seminars: History through art, History of China, Humanity and Idealism, Readings in American Literature, History of Drama, Permutations and Combinations, The Human Senses, Introduction to Chemistry and Thermodynamics.   Our curriculum is designed to help ground the students in unbiased observation.   Daily learning begins with the main lesson, a double period that gives ample time to establish meaningful relationships to the subjects presented and truly bring them to life. Afterwards, freshmen hone their skills in daily classes in math, science, English, Foreign language, movement, and the arts. The ninth grade program emphasizes the here and now, from studies in modern science, to literature and the arts.


Alumni Reflections

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