Topics of study include the endocrine system, cell structure, cell study techniques, theoretical and applied biochemistry, sexual reproduction (including prenatal and early childhood development), and Mendelian and molecular genetics.   Particular emphasis will be given to biotechnology and bioethics.

Human Senses

The objective of this course is to bring to the student an understanding of the physical body and how it allows us to interact with the world around us. Beginning with optical illusions, we ask students to question the assumptions made through information gathered by the senses. The seminar includes studying the structure and function of the nervous system and sense organs with an emphasis on the eye and ear. Laboratory activities will be an integral part of this class.

Introduction to Chemistry

This course will serve as an introduction to basic chemistry concepts. The seminar begins with measurement and SI units. Students will be asked to distinguish between the classes and phases of matter in terms of properties, structure and composition. We will then focus on atomic structure with an emphasis on understanding the Bohr model. Laboratory activities will be an integral part of this class.

Physics: Thermodynamics

This main lesson seminar is a study of heat and energy principles and applications. Heat transfer, thermal expansion, temperature scales, change of state, and measurement of heat are explored in relation to everyday applications. In addition to understanding the ideas in a qualitative manner, mathematical relationships and functions are developed and used to quantify investigations.

Ninth grade singing the elements

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