At Glen Brook high school students complete a four year curriculum of natural studies and wilderness expeditions.

Freshmen take two trips to our Glenbrook campus where they climb Mt. Monadnock and work on the farm--rebuilding stone walls, harvesting food from the garden, hauling, splitting, and cutting fire wood, working on trails, and taking care of the daily animal chores. The act of working on the farm connects the students to food, to the land, and to each other. Everyone has meal chores and everyone eats family style.

During their second trip to Glen Brook during freshman year, students spend 4 nights camping out, cooking their own meals, and being totally self-reliant in terms of their daily needs. Students gain a base understanding of what it takes to cook food. Everyone learns that it is possible to be comfortable when all you have is the tools and food in your backpack. Students also navigate a low and high ropes course, in which they learn ground rules and respectful communications with one another. Students gain confidence in the use of climbing equipment and learn the tangible skills of managing the equipment.

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