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Physical Education

The Tenth Grade completes units in soccer, volleyball, team handball, basketball and softball. The students play recreational team games such as kickball and agility drills. During these units, students learn skills, terminology, and rules. They also apply their knowledge and skills to game situations. Fitness and cardiovascular activities are presented throughout the year. Safe playing techniques and sportsmanship are always emphasized.


The movement block focuses on complimenting the academic program with experiential and body-based activities. Students will learn modern dances (world and folk dance) as well as partner dances (swing, waltz, polka, salsa).


The students perform basic eurythmic exercises, such as three-fold walking, and contraction and expansion. Using forms and gestures, the students enter into the inner being of the movement of sound, speech and tone. Speech eurythmy includes: vowels and consonants, poems/poets studied in literature lessons, rhyme forms, meter, construction, thinking/feeling/willing forms, Apollonian and Dionysian forms. Particular emphasis is given to the study of symmetrical and geometrical forms. Tone eurythmy includes all of the elements found in music such as pitch, rhythm, beat, dissonance, and intervals.

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