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Building upon what they learned in their freshman year, students acquire the skills necessary for success in researching topics for papers and presentations they will be expected to tackle as sophomores. We cover topics such as; in depth website evaluation, online citation tools, Use of collaborative software (for use in group projects), and further exploration of organizational tools, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. We will also review citation and plagiarism.

Leadership Skills: Life Skills

This leadership seminar is spearheaded by the school guidance counselor to lead student discussions on issues such as drug abuse, mental health, relationships, and communications.  The main goals of the course include establishing rapport between the counselor and students, both individually and collectively as a graduating cohort and facilitating discussion of relationships, events, and issues in all other systems outside of and within the WSGC High School in the safety of a confidential and non-judgmental environment. 

Sophomores are administered an assessment that encourages reflection on personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as the Planned Assessment and the PSAT, preparatory exams for the ACT and the SAT. The results are used to help the counselor anticipate and tailor college counseling needs for each individual student. Students also being individually working with the counselor to schedule and sit for standardized tests, and research potential colleges.

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