Juniors travel to Glen Brook each year for their mini-units on cartography and orienteering. Students look at the history of cartography through the lens of economic necessity, the trade routes in every hemisphere, and they study how cartography was the vehicle for the protection of those assets. Students also learn about cartography through modern day stories (Tony Horowitz’s) and historical examples (Eratosthenes—he came up with first mathematical formula that determined the circumference of the Earth). Students soon learn to use the theoretical knowledge in a practical way by learning to use a compass and figuring out how to use scale.   Finally, equipped with a map, a compass, and some food, students are dropped off five miles from camp and must in groups of 3-4 navigate their way through the woods to camp. Students learn to orient themselves in space and gain an ability to connect abstract learning to practical application. They gain an appreciation for the local geography in southern New Hampshire.

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