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Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Portledge School
Event Type: Regular (League event)
Date: October 4, 2013
Event Recap:

Building on the momentum of a great effort from the LuHi match, Waldorf's Varsity Girls Soccer Team traveled to Portledge School and pulled off an improbable 02-02 draw.

Coach Wyant stood before the team after the match and said, "I couldn't be more proud of the performance. Awesome, truly awesome!"

Complicating the team's challenge of playing against a very good Portledge squad was the absence of senior tri-captain Marianna Paone, as well as teammates Conchetta Bohm (8th grade) and Ardo Ali (freshman). Stepping-up to make important contribution for the match were Rachel Rosenstein (freshman), Alexis Cao (junior) and Phoebe Akaba-Koubel (freshman). Sophmore Teagan Novick also made a significant impact.

Waldorf was dangerous from the beginning, springing senior tri-captain Sofia Trikas for a one-on-one confrontation with the Prtledge goalkeeper four minutes into the match. Trikas broke through again seven minutes later but was unluckily denied on both attempts. She had several more attempts before breaking the stalemate to give Waldorf the 01-00 halftime lead.

Sophmores Skyla Davis and Julia Gonzalez, along with eighth-grader Fiona Somers, showed solid defending skills, and fellow sophomore Maria Golebiewski was once again stellar in goal.

Portledge bounced back during the second half - forcing Golebiewski to make several point blank saves. The opponent capitalized on the offensive effort and scored two goals within a five minute span for a 01-02 edge.

Waldorf remained strong and determined. Trikas took a hard foul outside the Portledge box - earning the Waldorf ladies a free kick. Davis stepped up and sent the ball to the back post and into the goal - unfortunately an offside infringement denied Waldorf the equalizer.

Staying composed, the ladies continued to pressure Portledge in their own half, pouncing on every touch of the ball. The hard work paid off. With just seven minutes remaining in the match, a panicked Portledge defender handled the ball in the box resulting in a penalty kick. Senior tri-captain Jaclyn Proctor, showing tremendous leadership, stepped up to the ball and on the referees whistle, calmly slotted to the left of the goalkeeper and into the goal to bring the game back to even.

Midfielders Mikayla Ver Pault along with freshmen Abby Picoli and Luna Splendori controlled the midfield while also dealing with a very potent Portledge attack.

"We're building on each game by correcting mistakes," remarked Coach Wyant. "The ladies are listening and trusting what we are doing and that will serve us well moving forward!"

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