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Varsity Girls Basketball Alumnae Game
Event Type: Regular
Date: January 7, 2012
Event Recap:

The Varsity Girls Baksetball Team met up with a very skillful and determined alumnae team on Saturday, January 7th. Under the spirited guidance of Coach Susan Braun, the alumnae team were determined to garner a victory this year. But Coach LeSueur and the varsity girls proved to be a competitive opponent.

The teams played an evenly matched first quarter that ended with the varsity team leading by two. During the second quarter, the offensive glass was not as kind to the varsity girls as Waldorf baksetball star, Gianna Smith '04, started to put her imprint on the game. The half ended with the alumnae leading,21-6.

The third quarter saw some defensive adjustments and more competive play from the varsity team. The varsity team managed to hold the alumnae to seven points and scored 12 points, which put them up by one at the end of the quarter, 28–27.

Both teams had good opportunities to keep the game close and many pressure foul shots were made down to the wire. Coach LeSueur called a time-out to run a play in the final 20-seconds of the game with the hope of scoring a basket and maybe getting fouled in the process. However, alumnae Abby Lyons '10 and Olivia Paone '11 were not about to let any of Coach LeSueur’s old tricks beat them and their defensive skills proved too much for the young varsity girls.

After a see-saw battle throughout the game, the varsity team fell short by only one point at the final buzzer, 38-39. All the varsity girls acknowledged that this spirited game was one of the most competive games of the season and will help better prepare them for the top teams in the IPPSAL league.

"On behalf of Coach Braun, our varsity team, and the entire Waldorf community," said Coach LeSueur, I want to thank our alumnae team members Abby Lyons '10, Barbara Costello Lyons '76, Vicky Mauri '04, Olivia Paone '11, Gianna Smith '04, and Taisha Thomas '09 (as well as current parents Adriene Novick and Virginia Paone) for participating in a fun morning!"

Enjoy these pictures from the Alumni Basketball Games:

And following is a short video clip from the Alumnae vs. Varsity Basketball Game.

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