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Middle School Girls Soccer vs. Portledge School
Event Type: Regular
Date: October 4, 2012
Event Recap:

The Middle School Girls Soccer Team played a tremendous game against Portledge. The teams were very evenly matched and all of the Waldorf players had an opportunity to show off their skills during the game. Abby Picoli (8th grade) and Gilee Herschco (7th grade) did a great job at keeping the defense strong. Amanda Sorensen (7th grade) and Luna Splendori (8th grade) both did a terrific job on defense as well. The middle of the field was led by Conchetta Bohm (7th grade) and Emma Keane (7th grade) who both worked together to feed balls forward to the strikers. In teh first half, Bohm took a shot from outside the 18-yeard box and it went in for Waldorf's solo goal of the game.

In the second half, Bohm and Herschco had a few more opportunities at goal but unforutnately weren't able to finish. "The team is really coming together and improving more and more with each game," said Coach Reyes. "Keep it up!"

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