Glen Brook Curriculum

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Lower School

Members of the lower school spend the majority of their time at Glen Brook contributing to food prearations while learning about wildlife. Third graders assist in making breads and pies in the kitchen and shearing and lambing in the barn. Fifth graders explore the woods, animals, and open fields as part of their unit on soils, compost, and plant identification.

Middle School

The Camp Glen Brook curriculum for middle schoolers allows students to experience life on a farm as well as the extra amenities that cater to a creative learning experience. In addition to chores, sixth graders visit geologic attractions in the area and observe the night skies for their astronomy and geology unit. Seventh graders explore mechanics as they build contraptions to lift objects many times their own weight. Eighth graders gain a deeper understanding of early American history by living the colonial life and simulating the colonial community.

High School

As students enter high school, they are given the privilege of experiencing Camp Glen Brook in a more mature way. Freshmen face the challenging ropes course, while sophomores brave the White Mountain Expedition. Juniors learn cartography and orienteering, and navigate their way through the lush but confusing woods surrounding the camp. Finally, seniors give back to their beloved Glen Brook by assisting in run daily operations through tasks such as meal preparation.


About Going to Glen Brook



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