Middle school glen Brook curriculum

Glen Brook

In a primitive yet deeply instinctual way of life at Camp Glen Brook serves as the ideal backdrop for Waldorf teenagers to ask important questions about their developing bodies and minds. As boys and girls face divergent yet equally profound challenges and experiences during this time in their lives, we hope that this setup will foster a secure environment for the adolescents to honestly express their curiosities and concerns. Discussions are led by experienced counselors and faculty mentors.

In a supplementary capacity, Glen Brook's curriculum includes trust exercises, namely the ropes course, to further cultivate a sense of community openness. The completion of the course is a challenging endeavor that fosters leadership as well as team building skills. Participants develop a sense of inner confidence as they help themselves and each other overcome all obstacles in order to reach the other side.

Students also enjoy a unique opportunity to explore metalwork as they experiment with copper and iron alloys to forge objects of their choosing.

In the Classroom

The remaining members seventh and eighth grade classes join for an intensified academic and practical experience. In addition to classroom dialogues of puberty, students receive lab enrichment and opportunities for regular field trips. Lessons include applications of the microscope, counting red blood cells, and building electric motors. Students also work in the school garden to investigate aspects of botany and food science and donate their harvest to the local homeless shelter. Time is set aside for individual projects such as doll-making.


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