Gardening at Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's, Malverne- NY

The Waldorf School of Garden City is is pleased to have the opportunity to extend its Horticulture curriculum to a farm-based education program held at Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's. Students visit regularly during the school year to work on the farm, planting and reaping and enjoying the open air. Located in the village of Malverne, the farm was previously Grossmann's Farm, operated by the family since the 1890's and was the last surviving farm on the South Shore of Nassau County. Now owned by the county and operated by Nassau Land Trust, a private non-profit, the farm has been converted to a certified organic farm with an educational program.

Before Nassau County bought Grossman's Farm as open space and leased it to a farm operator, a three-year period of intense debates on the future of this five-acre field allowed the plot to remain fallow and rid its soil of all residual pesticides. After the laying fresh manure, repairing the greenhouses, spreading biodynamic preparations, the farm produced an ample first harvest in 2011.

The Horticulture curriculum at the Waldorf has been an avid contributor to the efforts at Crossroads Farm. As part of the Horticulture curriculum, students in the eighth grade travel weekly to Crossroads Farm to experience its steady transformation into an organic farm, The students work in the greenhouse and the fields, preparing the seed trays, planting and reaping as well as buying vegetables for use in the cafeteria. Third graders have also planted pop corn and reaped rye grain for bread baking. 




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