The Waldorf School of Garden City is organized around the belief that the individuals working mostly closely with the children should determine the pedagogical direction and policies of the School. Most of the School's decisions are made in committees of faculty, administration, and members of the Board of Trustees, each group acknowledging and supporting the expertise of the other.

THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES is responsible for the financial well-being of the School. It establishes financial policies, oversees the development and implementation of the school’s budget, determines tuition rates, and develops long-range plans to support the continued health and growth of the institution. Please click here to view profiles of members of our Board of Trustees.

THE COLLEGIUM or COLLEGE OF TEACHERS carries responsibility for determining the pedagogical direction of the School. Participating in the College of Teachers are members of the faculty and staff who are committed to assuming a deeper responsibility on behalf of the School. THE FACULTY CHAIR, a designated member of the College of Teachers, implements the policies and ideals of the College of Teachers to ensure the quality, consistency, coherence, and continuity of the School's academic program.

FACULTY COMMITTEES are composed of full-time members of the faculty who work in conjuction with the Collegium, the Faculty Chair, the Administrator, and the Board of Trustees to create policy on various aspects of school life.

THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR assists and coordinates the efforts of the above groups in order to achieve the goals of the School. Additionally, the Administrator oversees all administrative functions of the School, including Admissions, Development, Business, Buildings & Grounds, Cafeteria, Glen Brook, and other school support staff.

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