afternoon Programs

The Afternoon Programs at the Waldorf School of Garden City are designed for students of all ages and are led by experienced Waldorf teachers. For the youngest children, the program creates a warm, home-like atmosphere. For older students, a quiet space to complete homework and receive guidance is provided in addition to supervised recreation time. Parents may also arrange for their children to receive individual tutoring services during this time.

Download the Afternoon Programs brochure and registration card!


Afternoon Care Programs (12:00 pm - 3:20 pm)

nursery & kindergarten

The children enjoy the afternoon in the nursery or in one of the mixed-age kindergarten classrooms. A homemade soup accompanies lunch provided by the parents. The daily rhythm includes a nap or rest time, followed by both indoor and outdoor free play. This program is led by experienced early childhood teachers.

  • $3,500 for the full year program, 5 days per week
  • $700 for the full year program, 1 day per week

Friday “Lunch Bunch” for Grades 1-3

Parents are reminded that the school day ends at 12:00 noon each Friday for students in grades 1-3. Children in the "Lunch Bunch" eat together followed by an afternoon of indoor and outdoor playtime. Children staying after 3:20 pm join the Extended Day Program.

  • $750 for the year
  • $24 afternoon or $8 per hour drop-in

For more information about the Afternoon Care Program, please contact Carol Proctor at (516) 742-3434 ext. 129.

Extended Day Programs (3:20 pm - 6:00 pm)

Kindergarten - Grade 3

After a long school day, our goal is to provide a nurturing and home-like atmosphere for our Extended Day students. Children in nursery through 1st grade gather in one of the mixed-age kindergarten classrooms, while the second and third graders utilize a lower school classroom. The program includes both indoor and outdoor play, as weather permits. A healthy midafternoon snack is also provided.

  • $8 per hour, $4 for additional siblings

Homework Club for Grades 4-12

After a nutritious snack, and maybe even a bit of physical activity, students in the Homework Club meet in the Library. Assistance is provided by teachers, along with selected college and high school students, as needed. Children without assignments, or who have completed their work, are supervised during indoor and outdoor play, which sometimes includes cheering on the Waldorf sports teams!

  • $10 per hour, $5 for additional siblings

For more information about the Extended Day or Homework Club Programs, please contact Carol Purdie at (516) 742-3434 ext. 117.

Tutoring Services (3:20 pm - 6:00 pm)

Grades 4-12

Small group or one-on-one tutoring services are also available through the Homework Club. Whether a student needs assistance in organizing his/her main lesson book or support in a daily subject, such as math or science, calculus or physics, Mrs. Perla Yanovitch (Learning Consultant) will schedule and arrange individual tutoring services designed to meet the educational needs of each student.

Hourly fees vary depending upon the number of students being tutored, as well as the level of skill offered by the tutor.

For more information, or to arrange tutoring services, leave a message for: Perla Yanovitch at (516) 742-3434 ext 119.

High School Student Supervision

All students remaining on campus after 3:20 pm must be supervised. Parents will be billed for the supervision of any child who remains on-campus and who is not participating in a school-sponsored activity.

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