Important Parking Reminders

The safety and security of our community is always the School's most important priority, and with that in mind we want to remind everyone of the some important information:

  • Please remember that all Adelphi University parking lots (including the lot located across Cambridge Avenue) are available only to individuals with an Adelphi parking sticker. Should you park in one of these lots, your car may receive a ticket or you may be asked to move by the University. We appreciate it when Adelphi allows our parents to use their parking for brief period of time on a "good neighbor" basis; however, please know that we cannot force the University to provide us with such access. Should you need to pick up your child after school, we suggest you consider arriving slightly later than the 3:20 pm dismissal (say, 3:30 pm) or parking further down Cambridge Avenue.
  • The School's parking regulations are equally important and have been specifically designed for the health and safety of our students:
    • Parking on the section of Cambridge Avenue between the school's entrance and exit is extremely dangerous and can result in a ticket from the Garden City Police Department.
    • Likewise, please refrain from parking in the bus/fire lane of the School's entrance circle. Maintaining an unobstructed fire lane is an important safety precaution, and the Garden City Fire Marshall has reminded us that we are in serious violation of the fire code when cars are parked there.
    • Parking in the crosswalk at the Main Entrance obstructs buses and makes crossing hazardous for pedestrians.
    • Please show consideration for members of our community who depend on having access to the space designated for handicapped parking by not using this as a drop-off or pick-up spot.
    • Always stop at the stop sign at the cross-walk and driveway exit.

We understand that finding parking close to School can sometimes be a frustrating experience; however, safety must always take priority over convenience. Please note that after 12 noon, there is virtually unlimited parking along Cambridge Avenue. While it may take you a moment or two to walk to the School, parking in the appropriately designated areas goes a long way towards keeping our community members safe during the busy arrival and dismissal times each day. Thank you for your support of these requests.

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