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1st Grade: Back from Break

I hope this finds you settled back into school life after a refreshing break. I am writing to remind you of some notable upcoming dates and make some announcements.

We started back from break in a new math block. We have been practicing our 2 and 10 times tables and the four basic operations in engaging ways: origami flowers in vases, carrots from an animal farm in one of our stories, a scavenger hunt on the nature trail, and planting beans in egg cartons with the soil from our worm farm.

As many of you know, our beloved Ms. Braun was graduated from her Waldorf teacher training last month. To fulfill her requirements she is working closely with me in coordinating the curricular activities and lead teaching the main lesson this block. This opportunity is also providing me with the great added benefit of being able to work more individually with students, an absolute joy!

These are the fun happenings this month:

Friday, April 20, – Earth Day celebration

We will be joining the 2nd and 3rd grades to dance and sing to Mana Vu, a Hebrew song invoking peace, while the 6th and 7th grades provide us with musical accompaniment. We will also welcome into our classroom marine animals and their specialists for a presentation. Families are not invited, but please ask your children to tell you about it! Earth Day is officially Sunday, April 22. I encourage you to celebrate in some way this weekend. This website has a great list of Long Island options for children and families.

Tuesday, April 24 – Book Character Day

To celebrate School Library Month, we are dressing up as our favorite book or story character. The students may bring their costumes to school to change into in the morning. Stephanie Gonzalez, our librarian, will be spending time with us in class. This is from the message she sent earlier this week:

“The character must be from a book they have read (or you have read with them) recently, and your child should be prepared to briefly describe both the character and the book to their classmates. Please work with your child to plan a simple homemade costume and a short informal presentation.  They should know the name of their character, the book in which they found the character, and a description of the character/story.

Please do not buy a book character costume! Just do your best to gather an assortment of hats, clothing, or other props to create a homemade costume. Your child may bring a copy of the book to class that day to show the other students.”

Thursday, April 26 – Open Eurythmy Lesson – 11:30am

​Maria Ver Eecke, our Eurythmy teacher, welcomes all families to Bonner Hall to an open Eurythmy lesson with the First Graders. I highly recommend attending to observe the students practice this movement art.

In May we will begin our final Language Arts block during which we will work together to produce and perform a play in our classroom on June 1.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of April already! Here’s to a wonderful Spring!