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1st Grade: Math, Mail, and Moving Soil


During our mid-winter Math block, we practiced the four basic operations by taking number journeys in story problems written by Ms. England. One story told how the First Grade built a tree house on the nature trail with the help of Ms. Davis. In another, the First Grade helped Mr. Victor repair the tiny houses in the kindergarten play yard. The image above shows the students working together to build a bridge of “crocodiles” that spanned the entire classroom from Ms. England’s desk to the front door. This project, inspired by a Japanese folktale, provided a collaborative, creative way of exploring the idea of quantity.  We also continued studying number relationships through the experience of geometrical forms.


The week of Valentine’s Day we created individual mailboxes into which the students delivered their valentines. But mail comes more than one day a year! These mailboxes will serve us for years to come. They encourage the children to practice their phonics and writing skills and they foster positive social interaction.

Moving Soil

We were lucky enough to get a gorgeous day of sunshine before the March nor’easter arrived. In Gardening class the students worked in four groups to move soil from the compost area of the south garden to planter boxes in the north garden. Gross motor movements were exercised while shoveling soil and lifting, steering, pulling, and pushing wheelbarrows. The excellent teamwork displayed in efficiently completing the task was equally important.

(More photos here.)