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1st Grade Shares Hands On Learning with Adelphi

During a course I attended over the summer through The Greentree Foundation, teachers learned how to bring Science outside, implementing a more hands on approach to lessons.  Since my classroom is outside, I decided to collaborate with Associate Prof. in Science Education at Adelphi University, and give her college students, who are teachers in training, a new perspective on the many ways we can educate children.  It was a wonderful class of harvesting potatoes, eating green beans, and touring our composting program.  I was lucky enough to listen to each Adelphi student speak about the experience.  They were impressed by the attention to reverence, beauty and the aesthetics of a classroom.  The first graders charmed them with their beautiful goodbye song at the end of the day.  The next day the first graders asked “where is my Adelphi buddy?”  Thank you to Ms. Thomas, Ms. Braun, Prof. Emily Kang of Adelphi, and all of her students.