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1st Grade: Working Together

An important facet of the first grade experience is developing social skills necessary to work together as a class. We provide opportunities to collaborate creatively in both small and large groups.

City Planning

The Wonder Garden on our playground is a place where imagination runs free. One day the goal was to create towns/villages by forming construction teams and implementing the ideas of each individual to honor the collective vision. See them all here:

Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins with senior buddies is a first grade tradition at our school. The first graders brought their own pumpkin, drew their jack-o-lantern face, and with the help of the seniors scooped out the goo and carved the design. Photos of our day here:

Making Chalk

The class was divided up into groups charged with the tasks of sharing ingredients and supplies, following directions, and taking turns mixing the main batch of chalk. They then selected their individual colors for their cups. We exercised patience as the chalk dried on the windowsill. While most of the chalk did not stick together in a way that could be used to draw or write, the students still had fun with the chalk powder, creating designs on the concrete and reveling in the tactile experience.


What fun our first real snows of the school year brought – rolling balls of snow of all sizes, making snow people, building igloos, and sledding down our small hill.

More photos: