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2nd Grade: A New School Year

The Second Graders have been very busy with their growing academic abilities.  We began the year with a Math Main Lesson and continue to practice the multiplication tables while tossing bean bags to each other!

During our Michaelmas celebration on September 28th, the Second Graders proudly recited a verse and helped St. Michael tame the dragon.  That afternoon they joined up with a group of high school Juniors and together, created beautiful tissue-paper stained glass windows throughout the school.






We are ellinikafarmakeio currently learning about several saints in our Language Arts Main Lesson.  Saint Jerome and his faithful lion is a favorite!  From these beautiful stories, we have discovered that our sentences are made up of nouns, verbs and adjectives.  The students are also tackling punctuation and are proud of their new skills.

The Fall Fair always brings much excitement and gratitude. The children spent some time early in the Fall forming clay into beads which would then be fired and used for a beautiful craft at the fair.  We thank everyone for all the work that went into this wonderful event!

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