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3rd Grade: Our Golden Rules and a Visit from Ms. Rissner

Since the beginning of the school year the third grade class has been highlighting “The Golden Rule” which is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. In addition, we have been embracing our class’s three Golden Rules of Kindness, Truthfulness and Everyone Belongs. This year, we added Respectfulness as our fourth Golden Rule. The children have drawn lovely pictures which show fine examples of these four Golden Rules…

While the children abide by our Golden Rules most of the time, it is natural that there are times where mistakes are made. These instances are wonderful opportunities for strengthening a child’s character as he or she needs courage to be truthful, admit wrong-doing and apologize. It also gives the hurt child the opportunity to extend forgiveness. I am humbled every time I witness the children go through this difficult yet transformative and healing process.

In an effort to further emphasize the importance of being inclusive and treating others with kindness and respect, I invited Ms. Rissner our school’s Social Worker to visit our class last week.

Ms. Rissner read a heartwarming story to the class. It was about a little girl who goes through a myriad of emotions and moods as she experiences a variety of circumstances in her life. The essence of the story was one of self-acceptance and acknowledging that our feelings are valid and deserving of respect. The children will have another visit from Ms. Rissner to learn some tools which will help the children to stay calm and respectful in the face of social challenges, irritations and disagreements.

To strengthen us as a class community and build relationships, we meet two mornings a week in a circle on the carpet. We begin by warmly greeting the child on either side of us with a firm handshake and eye-contact, while saying “Good morning __________”. This experience has helped us get to know one another better, build trust and the children are learning how to listen, share and have respectful engaging conversations with each other.

For the past two weeks we have been sharing many examples of these Golden Rules during our morning meetings. What amazing world we can create together when we abide by these precious Golden Rules!

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