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4th Grade: Geometric Eurythmy

The fourth grade students learned to make pentagons and pentagrams (or star-ways) through movement during a block about “The Human Being and Animals.” They worked together collaboratively in groups of five students to create these forms. To help them visualize the forms, we had two form drawing lessons in their classroom. It was interesting that some students found it easier to begin with the outer form of the pentagon, as we did in the first lesson. In the second lesson we began with the inner form of the five-pointed star, which was easier for other students. Some of their drawings were displayed in the hallway outside of their classroom. The verse for this form follows.

Verse for Fourth Grade

So, to be a crystal stone.

Lo, to be a living plant.

Woe, to be a weary animal.

Oh, to be a human!

Strong is the stone which rests in the earth.

Peaceful is the plant slumbering in splendor.

Helpful is the animal, dreamily moving.

Divine is man, upright, awake, who builds, works, and creates.

The world of stone, plant, animal and mankind is one in the glory of God.








(Five Star-ways)