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4th Grade: Two Months into the Year!

I can hardly believe that almost eight weeks of school have passed!  We have had two interesting and fun-filled Main Lesson Blocks so far. In the first block of the year we studied Long Island History and Geography. During this block we wrote compositions, and drew beautiful illustrations and maps. Two highlights for the class were the making of topographical maps of Long Island out of beeswax, and our trip to Garvies Point where we toured the museum, learned about Native American tools, and made pots out of Indian clay.

In our second block we learned about animals and their differences and similarities to humans. Each child created a poster of an animal they were interested in and wrote a poem or an acrostic, as well as shared a few facts about their animal. Come and see their posters on the bulletin boards outside the classroom.

In preparation for our trip to Glen Brook the children built “scarehawks” with Mr. Somers, the woodwork teacher who they will have starting next year. Farmer Sadie was happy to receive them because the chickens need to be protected from the Red-tail hawks which migrate annually in autumn.

This past week, we visited Glen Brook, the highlight being the hike up Gap Mountain, where it snowed lightly at the top. See photos on Glen Brook’s Facebook page.