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5th Grade: Eurythmy to the Oldest Poem in the World

The fifth grade students heard the oldest poem recorded in the world. Their pictures will be displayed in the hallway by their classroom. We will be creating eurythmy gestures and movement to this poem during the month of September.

Verse from Sumeria

Enheduanna (CA. 2300 BCE)

Enheduanna is the earliest known author in the history of human civilization. Her work was preserved on cuneiform tablets.

The daughter of King Sargon of Akkad, Enheduanna was a high priestess & poet in Ur.

The Sumerian goddess of love Inanna (also known as Isthtar) is a deity who has descended to earth as an ally, as a friend to help her in need.

Moon Goddess Inanna

Like a dragon you fill the land with venom.

Like thunder when you roar over the earth,

Trees and plants fall before you.

You are a flood descending from a mountain,

O first one,

Moon goddess Inanna of heaven and earth!