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5th Grade: Learning at Glen Brook

The fifth grade recently returned from our annual trip to Glen Brook!  The students spent an invigorating five days studying botany and working hard to foster a stronger sense of class unity. What a perfect place for the students to immerse themselves in botanical study! The children collected observations in their botany journals while exploring the land. They meditated on one single living plant and practiced holding the stillness and presence of mind essential to true scientific exploration and discovery! Upon returning, the fifth graders have been sharing their discoveries and reveling in all we receive from the plant kingdom. We have been studying photosynthesis and pollination and the students have been learning about what all living things share with one another. This experience has begun to cultivate a stronger sense of connectivity between the students and the natural world and has instilled a deeper sense of appreciation for what the natural world provides. We are beginning to study the medicinal properties of plant life and the students have  been eagerly learning about the types of plants and trees across our own School campus. In our study of Greek and Latin roots during Language Arts, the students have been able to uncover the secret meanings behind familiar words, and this has extended into our study of botany!

In our weekly class meetings students are given the opportunity to navigate and resolve social conflicts, develop communication skills and discuss service projects to help care for our School community. These weekly meetings nurture resilience, courage, confidence and compassion in the children when dealing with conflict. The fifth graders have seen incredible growth from week to week as a result, and I look forward to continuing this work with them in the year to come.

To see the full Glen Brook photo album click here!

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