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6th Grade: A Strong Start for the School Year


We started the year with a Geology Main Lesson Block where we studied and modeled the structure of the Earth. Students also mapped out the Earth’s tectonic plates and wrote essays about the 3 main types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Each child completed a research report on a geological wonder in the United States and then presented it to their classmates. During our Art period, we complemented our Main Lesson through our first veil painting of a cave with crystals, stalactite, and stalagmites. Veil painting is a style of watercolor painting where thin washes of transparent color are layered on dry paper. The effect is luminous and beautiful. The students did an excellent job with this incredibly challenging medium. We are now beginning our second veil painting of an autumn tree.







For the past few weeks we have been studying Ancient Rome during our main lessons, a topic the students have loved exploring. They learned about the founding of this great city through stories about figures like, the Trojan hero, Aeneas, and twin brothers Romulus, and Remus. The students wrote essays about various heroes of the early Roman Republic and are currently working in groups on an in-class project about daily life in Ancient Rome.






The students have been working incredibly hard to make their Main Lesson Books increasingly accurate, beautiful, and well-written.

We are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Glen Brook on November 6th, where we will be studying Astronomy and visiting the bear caves!



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